Friday, June 4, 2010

Where Is The Dawn?

It's early morning,
The leaves are drunk?
The wind is drooling without warning,
The somber tree today is carelessly swaying it's trunk?
All the grass seems to droop,
The birds and the bees, the skies and the seas,
Nothing seems to be in loop?
All that surrounds means to tease.

I open my sore red eyes hoping to hope,
After I've had enough, to see the wake of dawn.
And all I see is everything is nothing but a dope?
And so now I'm lost cause all this comes without a warn.

So I see it's not just me today who is lousy,
Even the dawn is Drowsy.
The sun doesn't want to shine,
So early, the leaves are not ready to leave the vine.

The sky wants to be hazy,
Trust be the winds have never been so lazy.
The grass wants it's dew,
And so do I want my Due.

The soul's search for the unknown goes on, for at the end of it, it's only nothingness to stare.
Yes, it all seems unfair!

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