Friday, June 4, 2010

I Found Peace?

The green moss on the old Church walls,
Oh! those huge holy halls;
Make me numb, my eyes still,
Standing at that very mountain hill.
The deep echos of the silent saints,
And the pristine beauty of the natural paints;
Blend so well when I hear the church bell.
My eyes look up to see a small bird's dwell.

And then they blink, for me to witness the merger of tears with the pearls of dew,
That takes me to a world which is oh so completely new.
It gives me this feeling of serenity of which I'm so sure,
The peace and calm that endows on me is so pure.
If I could live this moment forever,
Capture it in my heart and part from it never.

Wait, that is the falcon's high lurch,
Oh! my little dweller's trembling perch.
It all is but an insatiable, endless search!

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